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Barwiz App

Barwiz help them to get orders in realtime from patrons (customers) in the bar. The idea is to reduce waiting time and multitasking of bartenders.


Genostories Mobile App

App allows users to create a memory base for their loved ones so they can pass on the memories to the coming generations and cherish the memories shared by their ancestors. The application will give storage access to users and keep their data safe and secure.

Kaprapur Ecommerce

An ecommerce app is a digital platform that allows users to browse, purchase, and manage products and services online. These apps bring the convenience of shopping to users’ fingertips, providing a wide range of products from various sellers and brands.


Coin Mobile App

The Coin Counter App uses your device’s camera to identify, classify, and count coins. Ideal for businesses, collectors, and cashiers dealing with many coins.