We Use A Development Life-Cycle Composed Of A Number Of Clearly Defined Work Phases To Analyse, Design, Develop, Test And Launch Your Project.

Our adoption of the latest trends is paramount in delivering high performance solutions to our clients.



We initiate the process with a friendly and in-depth discussion to immerse ourselves in your business and vision. Based on this we provide advice and guidance on the steps towards making it happen. The result is an action plan on executing a holistic brand and user experience.


UX UI Design

Design is an integral part of product development. We have extensive discussion internally combining technical and visual aspects that will define your app and result in a fantastic user experience. UX UI design is founded upon a clearly defined scope of work we refer to as the Blueprint for development.



Upon completion and client approval of design, we initiate the development phase. Resources allocated to your project work simultaneously to program project functionalities and meet the proposed timeline. We ensure all project related technologies work cohesively. We keep you updated regularly as the development progresses.



During development our developers perform progressive tests for various aspects of your project. On development completion we perform user testing and prepare builds ready for our clients to initiate the UAT – user acceptance testing phase which is the final most crucial step in finalising a project for launch.



This is the most exciting step, launching your app, if you are a startup and likewise for a business, a step into the future with a new platform to operate more efficiently. We guide you to provide necessary information and then handle the deployment process and server configuration that will power your platform.


Support & Maintenance

Each app / web based platform requires a different type of support and maintenance. Based on the scope of your project, type of project and target audience we will help you determine what level of attention your platform requires. There are various forms of maintenance from compatibility updates on used technologies to minor and major modular upgrades to evolve your platform.